5 common mistakes of a beginner bodybuilder

Many guys and girls, having decided to join the ranks of  bodybuilders (wants to be a bodybuilder), decide that it is enough to start with several sessions with the coach, and then you need to train yourself for a long time, so that it would not be a shame to turn to the coach with more serious questions. Because of this, the following errors in bodybuilding are common among absolute beginners.


Mistake # 1 . Sluggish course

Resting between exercises is necessary for bodybuilder, however, if you make too many breaks, the effectiveness of training falls. Some say they do not want to work actively to … not give the appetite a chance to get to eat more after the workout. This is a great stupidity, if only because the exercises help to maintain a diet and control the appetite.

Mistake # 2. Classes on an empty stomach

Do not ever do that, you will not have the strength for a normal workout. Read about healthy nutrition for athletes. Bodybuilder need to eat salads, chicken breast. Give the body enough energy for training, so as not to make mistakes in bodybuilding.

Mistake # 3. Too long training

Intensity is the key to success. For 40 minutes in the gym can be done more than 2 hours, if you do it right and do not make mistakes of a beginner bodybuilder. By the way, intensive studies have an important difference: after them your body will continue to burn calories even when you are out of the gym! 

Mistake # 4. Always the same

Remember that you must develop: add exercises, increase weight. If you sit out on the same material – growth will not happen. Here you need a coach – at least to control the loads and sets of exercises.

Mistake # 5 . No plan

With the help of a trainer, prepare a development plan with remarks regarding nutrition and daily routine. Otherwise, you will accumulate fatigue and almost do not advance the plan of physical development.