7 Deadly Sins of Bodybuilding

Seven deadly sins were the first attempts to establish laws, to determine the life of people in society. If one of the sins was violated, the culprit was to be punished severely.


In the future, the list of rules has expanded significantly, but the base has largely remained the same. This strategy works for bodybuilding – here too there is a list of the main sins, after learning which, you will understand that you do not need to do anything and will quickly achieve your goals.

1. Envy

We should not spend half our lives envious of those who have achieved a lot – it is possible that due to genetic predisposition and steroids. Still, genetics is a big trump card that can not kill much.

You know who I am – guys with a narrow waist, broad shoulders, beautiful muscles, mesomorphs and perfectly regulated metabolism. Such people may not even bother with calculating calories, for they can easily come back into shape without straining at the same time.

You can spend whole days drooling on such a figure, but this will not lead you anywhere. And do not blame your parents for not having good genetics. If you have the opportunity to go to the gym and work on yourself – it’s already worth being grateful for. Many do not have this. Also do not pay attention to those who sit on steroids – this is exactly a crooked path that will not lead you to anything good.

In general, now in the eyes of society, bodybuilding is considered impossible without steroids. People somehow do not believe that beautiful muscles can be the result of proper nutrition and hard work in the hall, as a result they make all sorts of stupid assumptions, often based on banal jealousy of someone else’s body.

Each person is unique and everyone’s task is to fully reveal their potential. There is no point in worrying about what does not depend on you, what is better to concentrate on working on yourself.

2. Gluttony

We must not destroy everything that has been achieved by hard work and self-restraint. Stubborn training, diet – all these bricks paved the way to perfection. All this so that you can come to your best form. Do not change this on the joy of the stomach.

On this way you are waiting for ups and downs, easy days and days when everything falls from your hands. Sometimes months you work hard to throw off extra pounds, while your friends enjoy your favorite dishes and have a great time with hamburgers with beer.

Usually such a craving for forbidden food does not last long, so the main thing is to survive the moment, drowning it with something, then it will be much easier.

Sometimes athletes who kept themselves in the gloves before the competition, at the end of the berserk attacked with a rage, attacked the buffet and quickly, qualitatively and confidently lost their form, the restoration of which took them a lot of time and energy. Frankly, it’s not worth it.

3. Wrath

We must not lose control of ourselves when things go wrong, as we planned. In particular, at competitions you find yourself in the hands of a subjective (always!) Jury. When other people do not notice what you have worked on for months, do not fall into anger and despair.

On the stage, everyone is equal. And in the gym all are equal. If someone has done more, do not be angry with him. It is better to try something from him to learn.

You have to be honest with yourself all the time. This will free you from anger, because bodybuilding, in fact, is a very honest sport. You get what you deserve. If you try to cheat, take steroids, then it is very likely to affect your health.

4. Pride

We should not think that “we should only because we want it.” Nobody owes us anything, and no one guarantees anything, even if we die for this simulator.


No one will count for you the number of approaches in deadlift, no one will count calories in your food, no one will keep a record of missed workouts.

It’s all you will do.

Do you live up to all the requirements of bodybuilding every day? Do not you try to cheat anywhere? Giving yourself to the fullest? If so, the result will be. If not, then do not pretend that you are steeper than everyone else. Do not let your ego command you in the gym – this is the direct path to disaster. Once you take too much weight and risk not only self-importance, but also health.

Everyone really does not care what kind of weight you pull. So do not try to impress someone, better exercise with the mind.

5. Laziness

I do not even know if there is anything to comment on. We must be honest with ourselves in training and diet. In order to achieve something, you need to work, and laziness here is one of your worst enemies.

Always keep records that clearly record what’s done in the gym and in the diet. When you realize that something has gone wrong, you can always find the starting point and take action.

If you do not keep a diary, then finding the cause is much more difficult and, consequently, it is more difficult to understand what you need to do in order to get everything back to normal. Do not be careless and do not be lazy – most things are worth the time and effort spent on them.

6. Greed

We must not believe in the truth of the sayings “the more, the better” or “all or nothing.” Most bodybuilders know what patience is and they are able to increase their efforts gradually, without trying to cover everything at once.

If five grams of creatine helps to achieve greater results, this does not mean that if you take fifty grams, the results will be ten times better. All the optimal dosages have been determined long ago and you should stick to them.

Still there is a fine variant of greed – when you break a diet on a trifle, and then you think: well all the same after all has broken already, so I will take still that pie.

Working on yourself is a difficult and long process, so do not try to destroy it, accelerating where you need to achieve your perseverance and patience.

7. Adultery

Really, do not waste the energy with which you came to the gym for a flirtation with women involved with you. Of course, women who go to the hall and watch themselves, often look adorable and resist the temptation is not easy.

Of course, the testosterone level is increased, especially if you managed to set a new record in squats, but still – do not do it. All the same, this is not the place and training – not the time when you need to spend energy on seducing women. If you build yourself a beautiful body, you will have many more time and opportunities.