Alcohol, Training

Alcohol destroys your muscles

Many beginning bodybuilders often ask the question: “Does alcohol affect muscles?” And “maybe skip beer with friends, and tomorrow for training.” Unfortunately (for someone), yes, it influences, and, as it is not difficult to guess, it does not influence the best. This drug is holding back your progress. This is by no means a moralizing post, but if you really want to achieve something in bodybuilding, here are the five main ways that alcohol destroys your muscles. Think about it …

Alcohol has a negative effect on the synthesis of protein.

Protein synthesis is a process in which amino acids combine to produce protein in your body. Excessive consumption of alcohol reduces this process to 20%, and since the protein is needed for your muscles, you see for yourself … Alcohol here is far from being an assistant.

Alcohol lowers testosterone levels and increases estrogen levels.

Testosterone is the most important hormone for building muscles. This is a male hormone, the amount of which in your body directly affects whether you can build muscles or not. Estrogen, on the contrary, is a female hormone, which does not contribute to the growth of muscle mass. So think, do you need this. Alcohol

It causes dehydration.

The kidneys must filter out a large amount of water in order to “digest” alcohol. Which causes dehydration of the entire body. The legendary morning hangover is from here. And water is the key element for your muscles. So key is that they are 70% water. So the process of dehydration is a big blow to your muscles.

As you can see, bodybuilding and alcohol are not compatible things! Choose only one of the two. After drinking alcohol increases the level of cortisol, it is a stress hormone that destroys the protein (muscle), they break down into amino acids, it also destroys vitamin C, and many other vitamins that you need. Restoring the body after drinking alcohol will be much longer, because he needs to start with the withdrawal of this poison from the body, which he will spend a lot of resources, and the recovery is not enough. The organism always first does what is necessary for him first, to save himself and protect.

Alcohol removes vitamins and minerals from the body.

After taking the next dose of alcohol, you can say goodbye to vitamins A, B and C, zinc, calcium and phosphorus – all these vitamins and minerals are removed from the body quickly and confidently. And you need them in many internal processes, including muscle growth.

Alcohol causes growth of fatty tissues.

Alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram, so that you can really recover from it.

No, in life you need to relax. But too much relaxation can also lead to significant problems. A glass on holidays is a perfectly acceptable sin. However, if you drink each weekend, you can say goodbye to a good, beautiful, muscular body.

If you are still on a violent party, drink as much water as possible and saturate yourself with food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Training after alcohol is harmful to the body, it is depleted (poisoned), your blood pressure will rise, your pulse will increase. Because of dehydration you will be very tired, you will want to drink water. All useful substances will hardly move along the vessels, the blood will condense .

I do not encourage you to build your whole life around training without the right to relax, one party per month surely will not hurt you. But still, every time, going to drink “on beer”, once again think: do you want it?