In Training The Most Important Thing Is The Variety

We all know that in any training the most important thing - this diversity. The same principle applies in relation to cardio.

Many women, literally squeezing sweat shirts, often complain that this enormous project does not work. Excess folds as they were, and remain on the body. Why is this happening? Our body very quickly gets used to the load and stops to react to it. And it is not the duration or intensity of training, it is about the nature of the training. Aerobic training can be different. To successfully fight against excess weight and give the body a chance to get used to the workload required interval training. It is our body adjusts to the accelerated metabolism, which, incidentally, also applies after the end of exercise, to effectively burn excess fat and converts great shape. The concept of "interval training" means the alternation of intensive kardioraboty cycles and the so-called intensive recovery, when you reduce the load speed. For example, first you jump or run very fast, then slow - restoring power, then again quickly, and so on.

Many women often make one mistake: thoughtlessly trained at an accelerated pace, in our case - jumping rope at a fast pace without rest. Such training, especially after 30 years, will lead to a heart attack rather than a beautiful figure.

Cardiologists recommend practicing cardio no more than twice a week at such interval loads. So when you feel that there is no cardio on past returns, advise to train as follows: interval 2, 1 in the normal, moderate mode; or if you are over 30 years - 1 interval, 2 moderate exercise. Moderate cardio in an equal rate - the best cure for fatigue or depression. This type of aerobics burns fat and trains the heart, increases vynostivost and promotes healing of the body as a whole.

Previously, experts believed that half an hour is enough cardio for fat loss. But recent studies have shown that this effect occurs only after 45 minutes of aerobic exercise. That is why it is important to exercise more than half an hour, so that the body remained at least 15 minutes in the fat burning mode. If you want to lose weight, to arrange a cardio is 3 to 5 times a week.

I propose a sample plan for a week of training, which increases the tone of the body.

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