Control Your Workout

In everyone's life there are moments when he needs support! What to do, we are all human, and sometimes even the strongest of us hchetsya stay in the role of someone to help, rather than vice versa. But it is better to help support equipment, such as elbow pads and knee pads, you'll never need.

In fact, all of these accessories are mostly medical equipment than sports click. Put on the elbow, or even more so, knee did not show serious attitude to training or "advanced" its bearer. Putting calipers just like that, you show only one thing - the inability to exercise. After all, smart people injuries happen much less often than the strong.

Of course, if you already have an injury, you need to wear even calipers from the point of view of its prevention. But this does not mean that you can continue to work with the same weights, or even increase them. With the help of slides, you can simply continue training on maintenance level in order to give the injured site to heal. Remember, if you are already beginning to hurt something, these devices do not eliminate the pain, they simply do not allow the injury worse. It makes sense to first eliminate pain and then have to figure out whether your elbow pads and knee pads are needed.

If you are healthy, then the use of the supporting equipment you do not need at all. All that gives it - it creates additional stress in the joint, which helps to raise the greater weight site. This, as in the case of sash lifter may cause injury.

Why would not, as the Americans say that such belt and come up with! The main thing - to feel that this thing helps you. Since it is very difficult to work in hand on the weight, and in the stomach on a relief wear them for God's sake!

There is also such a technique. All these belts do is increase sweating in the abdominal area. On the local fat burning and calorie consumption is not affected. There should be a minimum of overall body temperature rises.

Monitor heart rate, infection, good. He not only looks cool on an inflated arm, but also helps to control your workout more info. Depending on the tricked out system, it can count calories, keep track of finding your heart rate in the target zone, training program and call a taxi home. Basically, the heart monitor helps to count calories. Especially if you sit on a strict diet and excessive energy expenditure can not afford.

Today the market reigns monitors the pulse of the Finnish company «Polar». Some personal trainers as they are called - Polar. "Individual pulse monitor" pronounce a long time, hence the jargon. Monitor heart rate is an elastic band sensor that fits under the breasts, and the receiver in the form of a wristwatch. "Polar" compatible with any modern cardio equipment that allows you to not look at the clock every moment read here, and contemplate your heart rate monitor directly on the simulator chosen.

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