Steroid Users Usually Do Not Use Reducing Drugs

In fact, I specifically watched for a number of years for athletes of steroids users, with a focus on this issue. What did I discover? Steroid users usually do not use reducing drugs, I have not noticed and that they have developed addictions to these drugs as a result of using steroids. A recent us survey revealed that only 2% of users use restorative drugs. Anabolic steroids are a completely different class of drugs than typically restorative and sedative means, such as amphetamines, barbiturates, hallucinogens and narcotics. I certainly do not deny that met users of steroids tri-test 400 who used cocaine, smoked marijuana and abused alcohol. Nevertheless, I do not see any apparent connection between their actions and that kind of behavior, on the one hand, and the use of steroids. Just in society there is a category of people who use tools of this kind. There is a theory that persons using barbiturates have a tendency to use amphetamines, and those who use amphetamines are easier get used to hallucinogens and drugs; persons who abuse alcohol, according to this theory, prone to abuse of other drugs. However, in this chain of dependencies there is no place for anabolic steroids. Of course, I quite often notice that users of steroids mild, not noticing any complications to their health, tend to move towards the use of more potent drugs. I know many athletes who are very cautiously started to use steroids, drugs limited to weak action, like for example, Primobolan, or DECA, and then in a very short time reached the abuse of testosterone and Anadrol. I have evidence that supports the theory of this kind. but there is absolutely no evidence that steroids may be associated with habituation to the regenerating means. As for the addiction to steroids, then I really noticed something like that. I called one of problems of this kind of "reverse anorexia". This is the case when no matter how powerful nor become a bodybuilder appearance, he continues to see himself as a little "weak". I met with athletes who is 180 cm tall and weighing over 110 kg, which are all still considered himself enough physically developed. If the athlete is somehow inspired myself with this thought, it will be very hard to abandon the use of steroids. Once the athlete discontinues steroid cycle and resets in a short period of 2-3 kilograms, he immediately panics and immediately reverts to the steroids out of fear that all his hard work dialed weight will disappear in the blink of an eye, and that he will be even more "derelict" than it once was to practice bodybuilding. I believe that one in five users of steroids develops such a mental complex. Very often this happens with the athlete, whose self-esteem is mainly based on his powerful physical appearance. Fragile basis for self-esteem is a more serious problem than just the use of steroids. In extreme cases, being in a difficult situation, the athlete is better to go to a psychologist. The task of the psychologist in this case would be likely to strengthen the self-esteem of the patient, and not to wean him from the steroids. It should be emphasized that the dependence on steroids buy metanabol is not physiological in nature. The body does not develop requirements anabolic steroids; that's psychological dependence. Anyway, I have repeatedly witnessed how the athletes managed to get rid of this kind of complex. Usually this complex is short-lived and observed in transitional periods of an athlete's life when self-esteem gets catalytic support from such factors as professional career, sex life, ideology. Thus, dependence on anabolic steroids occurs in humans with depressed or immature sense of self-esteem.