When You Pumped You Feel Better And Stronger

One of the first sensations that you feel after you start exercising, is pumping. Your muscles swell, becoming significantly larger than its normal size, the veins protrude outwards. You feel powerful, huge, and full of energy. The pump is usually felt after four or five series of exercises. Often you can maintain this feeling throughout the exercise, when more blood goes to develop the area, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients for intense muscle contractions.

Pumping occurs because blood rushes to certain parts of the body due to the active work of the muscles and the load on the cardiovascular system more info. But there is the same powerful force that pushes the blood from muscle. Thus, additional blood remains in the muscle for some time, causing it to swell in comparison with the usual size. The fact that your muscles are in an inflated condition is more massive and impressive, explains why bodybuilders love to do so much pumping up before posing. In tough competition you can help even the smallest advantage.

A good pump provides one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. This feeling can be compared even with sex I think I even made such a comparison in the film "People who are pumping iron". According to Dr. Fred Hatfield (fans call him "Dr. Jim"), the champion heavyweight and a specialist in the field of practical physiology, "a large amount of blood flowing to the muscles, stimulates the proprioceptive sensors. Pumping, which occurs as a result of exercise, creates a cascade of hormonal reactions, including the release of endorphins and encephalins, which are the natural painkillers". In addition, as explained by Dr. Hatfield, develops over time, the Association between exercise and the positive feelings you are experiencing, so the pleasure centers in your brain are stimulated even more when the body associates the feeling of an intense workout with impressive results.

The combination of physical and physiological factors click here can have a huge impact on your feelings and the quality of your workout.

When you pumped up, you feel better and stronger, it's easier to force yourself to train harder and reach even higher level of intensity. Sometimes you feel like you're king Kong going around in the gymnastic hall. Of course, this could vary on different days. From time to time you enter the gym with a feeling of fatigue and relaxation, but when you see a fantastic pump after a few minutes of work, you suddenly feel a surge of energy and ready to lift any weight that you see before you.

However, there are days when there is simply no pumping, no matter how you tried. Sometimes this is due to physical causes. You sleep too little, exercise too often or are on a diet, and your body's just not enough nutrients for a good pumping from exercise. But in most cases I find that the lack of pump indicates low concentration. Of course, you need a good rest, eat well to provide the body with energy, to avoid over-training - but no matter how bad you may feel, pumping will still happen if you are persistent enough and focused on his lesson.