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Diet, proper nutrition – mistakes.

Going to finally adjust their food, each promises not to break, not to indulge in harmful products and try to keep track of everything that gets into his mouth. But one of the most common mistakes is precisely excessive control and too narrow a framework, in which they put themselves. So I decided to write about the mistakes that are characteristic for those who eat right and healthy. And especially for those who chose to lose weight the wrong way to a tough diet.


The first error is the ban on any group of products. Sometimes a person wants to lose weight so much that he sharply excludes certain products to which he is drawn, or even whole groups of products (remember the now widespread carbohydrate). This behavior leads to a breakdown, at first it seems that everything is on the shoulder. And while the motivation is strong, you really will feel that you can easily hold out without these products, but under any external circumstance (stress factor), a breakdown is inevitable. Proper nutrition is not to exclude the product that you like, completely. But to introduce restrictions – by the amount or time of consumption.

The second mistake is gluttony in the evenings. A vicious circle is formed here – many wake up in the morning without feeling hungry, and since they are aiming to lose weight, they are glad that they do not want to eat, skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch, but by the evening the feeling of hunger becomes so strong that they have to eat, and Many break down, eating more than usual, and promising themselves tomorrow, then to keep oneself in hand. Proper nutrition – it’s a tight breakfast (believe me, at first I do not want to, but, having adjusted the diet, you will wake up with a feeling of hunger) and have a fairly dense dinner, and then easy to dine.

The third mistake is allowing yourself to fast food. It would seem that everyone understands that there is no use for fast food. But when a person who chooses the right food gets into conditions in which it is not possible to eat normally (for example, on a trip), he experiences to not break metabolism and allows himself Eat anything. So as not to starve (well, the food industry offers us mostly harmful snacks). Do not worry, a few hours of hunger will not damage your metabolism, and try to find a useful alternative or provide the moments when you need to eat outside the house (for example, grab a cereal bar or a handful of nuts).

The fourth mistake is sweets at work. Yes, cope with the temptation, when you are offered candy at work every day, then cookies are not easy. And you start to intercept a thing or two, but you will not benefit from it. The best option is to change office habits, gradually replacing the sweet with vegetables, fruits, dried fruits or nuts.

The fifth mistake is all or nothing. People who choose diets often do so – eat something they forbade themselves. And then decide that once they have violated the diet, then you can already eat all the others. In fact, there is no tragedy, if you have eaten a piece of chocolate or pechenyushku – enjoy the delicacy. Solve it yourself and continue to eat right from the next meal!

The sixth mistake is sugar. I already wrote about this – about simple carbohydrates and weight loss. Many believe that sugar is a real evil, and it must be banned. Such a sharp negative attitude is unjustified.

The seventh mistake is too fast food. When we are in a hurry, especially if we are hungry, then certainly we overeat. Saturation comes later and we pay for fast absorption of food by weight in the stomach. So do not rush, even if you have a brutal appetite.