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Dietary products that increase weight

Far from everything that is actively advertised now and is called healthy healthy food, is actually so. Often, taking dietary products in the store and reading their composition, you will see that it is indistinguishable from a similar product. But without the label “dietary”, which, moreover, also increases the price of the product. There are also many products that are mistakenly considered healthy, but in fact they can also increase the amount of fat in the body.


Here is information for you to think about dietary products:

1) Avocados are considered beneficial for the body as a source of fat and have a beneficial effect on the skin, but it should be used moderately, always evaluating their daily calorie content. So, slicing the avocado into a salad, consider its quantity. diet

2) Nuts have long been classified as mandatory products in the menu of all those who care about their healthy diet, but there is also a lot of fat in them. It’s important to remember this when you’re going to grab a handful of nuts.

3) Protein bar is advertised as a useful yummy, but before you indulge in the allowed delicacy. It is still worth looking at the label, namely the amount of fats and carbohydrates (preferably smaller ones), as well as dietary fiber (but they would be more good ).

4) Muesli, especially with nuts and dried fruits, certainly can not be attributed to dietary food. This is the source of a large number of carbohydrates (and quite a few of them are fast). So eating muesli is only occasionally, giving preference to cereal.

5) Dried fruits are also considered megafood, but look at the numbers on the package and you will see that there is much more sugar and calories than in fresh fruits. And saturation after a small portion will be incomplete.

Control their amount by adding dried fruit to porridge or yogurt.

6) Chocolate (especially black) has long been not considered an uniquely harmful product. Many people say about its usefulness for the heart and mood. But for everyone who wants a beautiful figure, it is important to be able to stop on several pieces of this delicacy.

7) Sweets on fructose are often chosen as an alternative to the usual. But in fact it is the same simple carbohydrate that causes the same changes in the body as sugar.

8) Now smoothies have become popular, positioned as healthy healthy drinks. But before you drink a cocktail, calculate approximately how many fruits there were and will represent what the caloric content of the drink you are offering (and it will be rather big).

9) Coffee is liked by everyone who wants to lose weight, because this drink is considered to be low-calorie and fat-burning. But coffee is not popular with everyone without sugar and milk. So when evaluating the effect of this drink on weight loss, consider all the supplements that you put in it.

10) Sweet yogurt attracts us with bright labels and advertising, which is a useful snack. But, before you get a full basket of yogurt from the supermarket shelf in the belief that these are diet products. Look carefully at the composition and you will notice that in each of them there is a lot of sugar and there is starch. Replace sweet yogurt with natural, and at home eat it with cut fresh fruit – that’s a useful alternative. bodybuilding weight loss diet test 400 steroid bodybuilding shakeology