How to find time for training?

For many, it often happens that it does not work out normally to find time for training. In this post I will try to tell you how you can organize your day so that you can free an hour and a half and get to the gym.


1. Become more organized.

Yes, it’s always heard everywhere, but the truth is that it’s really important. Everyone who wants to spend time in vain should organize their day. The world is moving faster every day, the pace of life is accelerating, a lot of new things are appearing around and it is very important to understand that everything in life can not be completed. Therefore, you need to determine what you most want to achieve. You can not concentrate on everything at once, so decide what you need first.

Having set priorities, rewrite the schedule so that it corresponds to them. If you want to succeed in something, you need to constantly engage in this, and do not come back from time to time, tired of another interest in something. Understand this, set goals, schedule and subordinate your life to him – only so you can succeed.

2. Record.

Write down your goals and everything you need to do in order to achieve them. This should be done both for clarity and to be able to clearly articulate everything that is required. Perhaps it sounds old-fashioned, and generally boring, but it’s true. It’s worth it. In addition, a person needs to keep in mind so much that in a daily routine it’s easy to forget about the main thing.

When you write down, you will understand what has already been done, and what remains to be taken care of. It’s so simple, but effective.

It does not matter, you do it right from the morning, or in the evening, before going to bed.
Just try, start acting right on the plan and you will be surprised how effective this is.

3. Avoid temptations.

There are so many things in the world that distract from what needs to be done. The development of civilization, multiplied by the absolute availability of information is an equation capable of completely subjugating your life to false chimeras: movies, virtual communication, etc. Sometimes you can sit all day on the Internet and, as a result, just throw it into the trash.

Well, does this mean that a person who wants to be successful owes everything completely? Of course not. Just do not think about how to chat with friends or watch TV, when there are still unfinished plans for today.

Virtual friends do not evaporate in one day, but real ones will be understood if you call them tomorrow. Do not seek excuses and compromises, first do what is needed, and only then what you want. Do not let the temptation drive you astray!

4. Look for people who will be ready to come to your aid.

Batman had Robin, Jordan had Pippen, Don Quixote had Sancho Panza. Almost all successful people worked together with the partner. It is impossible to do everything alone.

Your family and your friends can become irreplaceable helpers for you in difficult times. Trust them, help them, and ask for help when you need it. Do not try to do everything personally.

5. Make plans.

Another thing that sounds quite ordinary, but many, for some reason, do not understand it. Without a plan, many people rush through the streets like headless hens.

I will explain by example. Recently I had to buy food. I did not have much time, so I did not write a list of what was needed, but ran to the supermarket and typed everything that I thought was necessary. Bringing it all home, I realized that I did not buy a number of important things. I had to go again. But if I had spent five minutes to write everything down, I would have saved considerably more time.

I learned from this error and do not do any more bad work – I just plan everything I need to do in advance.

6. Be realistic.

Whatever you do, be realistic. This does not mean that you need to underestimate your talents. Your goal should be high enough and you must do everything in order to achieve it. If you work hard, you will achieve success.

But distinguish your goals from your dreams. Find a balance between realism and optimism.

These simple rules will help organize life and make it easier, even though at first they appear to be an unnecessary burden.

You ask, and where is the gym? Wait a minute, but the creation of a beautiful strong body can also be your goal and work on it in this case is similarly subject to these simple steps.

Be strong!