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The main myths about female bodybuilding

Despite the diversity and accessibility of information, the myths about women’s bodybuilding still have considerable influence, which I have witnessed more than once. In this article I would like to pay attention to some of them and comment on them.

The first myth about female bodybuilding: training will make you muscle and masculine.

Given the fact that women simply physiologically can not produce as much testosterone as men (and testosterone is one of the main hormones responsible for muscle growth), they will not be able to build up a significant muscle mass just by exercising and lifting weights.bodybuilding Of course, you can disagree and point out with reproach to professional women bodybuilders (or such fanatical as me). But it should be noted that most of them use anabolic and steroids (synthetic testosterone), due to which they build up such a muscle mass. Steroids multiplied by good genetics and hours of work in the gym with very heavy loads – that’s the secret of their figure. Women who do not use steroids, just get a smart fit figure without the slightest signs of cellulite. And no masculinity.

The second myth about female bodybuilding: exercises promote breast growth.

Sorry, girls! The female breast consists mainly of fatty tissues. Accordingly, training it will definitely not increase. Moreover, if you are fighting too hard for a slender figure to burn excess fat, your breasts may even decrease. So, still the silicone remains the most reliable way to increase the breasts.

The third myth about female bodybuilding: exercises promote muscle growth, but significantly reduce the flexibility of the body.

If you do all the exercises with full dedication, bringing every movement to the end, your flexibility will only increase. Such exercises as dilution of dumbbells, deadlift on the straight legs, a dumbbell press and a variety of stretches, provided that the correct execution will make your body much more flexible.

The fourth myth about female bodybuilding: if you stop training, muscles will turn into fat.

It’s like saying that gold will eventually turn into copper. Muscles and fat are two fundamentally different types of tissues. Indeed, if you abandon training, then from inactivity, muscles can begin to atrophy. If, together with training, you throw a diet, then from the wrong diet can accumulate excess weight. From this it seems that the muscles have turned to fat, but it is not so. Muscles simply atrophy from lack of exercise, and fat builds up from improper nutrition. Follow the diet and will not have problems.

The fifth myth about female bodybuilding: training will turn your fat into muscles.

Class would be alchemy, right? It’s like saying that you could turn lead into gold. The probability is about the same. During training, you drive fat through aerobics and diet and build muscle through strength exercises. But these are two completely different tissues. It is impossible to turn one into another, so both over the muscles and over the fat will have to work separately.

The sixth myth about female bodybuilding: since you are already engaged in the gym, you can eat whatever you want.

How I wish this was true! But, unfortunately, this can only be dreamed of. Our individual metabolism determines how many calories we burn both in normal mode and in training mode. If you consume more calories than can destroy your metabolism, they will be deposited as fat tissue, regardless of how much you exercise. This myth has appeared, perhaps thanks to people whose metabolism is so high that they can eat an elephant and drive away all the calories on a morning run (I have such a rare organism, trotting breed). On such people, I think, should not be guided. As well as not worth it and envy them. For most of these people to build muscle – hellish labor, as their metabolism and then absorbs almost all efforts.

The seventh myth about female bodybuilding: women should perform only cardio workouts, and if they approach strength exercises, then choose the lightest weight.

First of all, if you work only on cardio exercises, then both fatty and muscular tissues will go into consumption in the form of fuel. Women who are concentrated only on this, must prepare for the fact that they will have to do a great job to get the body they want. So without strength training can not do. And to choose always easy weight is a nonsense. The muscles respond to resistance, and if light weight can not exert it, then the body will not see the point of changing.