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Selection of sports nutrition

Manufacturers of sports nutrition is very much, the names are even greater, and it is not so easy to choose exactly what is needed in this. How to weed out advertising promises from reality?

sports nutrition

In sports nutrition, a lot of excess husks, which brings insane profits to manufacturers, pounding grandmothers literally on level ground, for the practical effect of their pills tends to zero. It is impossible to get a result without putting much effort, no pills will not give it. The only secret, the recipe and the chance – this is work before the bloody sweat. It’s hard, but not very expensive.

In fact, sports nutrition is nothing more than nutrition. If, of course, we are not talking about chemistry or steroids, for this is an entirely different matter. To drink a cocktail is easier than to boil and eat a piece of chicken. And all the real benefits of sports nutrition can be laid in a few simple points, so that you can see with your own eyes how much their importance is not important, how much the potential effect is exacerbated by the producers.

Sports nutrition:

  • convenience of storage;
  • convenience of consumption;
  • many calories and nutritious elements;
  • at one time you can get a large dose of protein or creatine.

That’s all. Nowhere is it written that it will grow 10 kilograms of muscle mass per month. By the way, many newcomers who believe in miracles, not having received Jay Cutler’s bodies in a month or two, are disappointed and leave the hall. And in response to these disappointments in many ways there are marketing departments of large companies.

The same Jay, like many other athletes – is a walking storage of steroids, it is very important to understand. Nobody says that it is impossible to get such a shape through training and proper nutrition, but it’s hellishly difficult. And seeing his gorgeous figure on the poster with the advertisement of buttercups, do not think that the protein of this firm will give you the same result. At least because it’s not an oil drop that the athlete rocked.

Sports nutrition – is primarily a proper diet with the right proportion and the right amount of fat-protein-carbohydrates. It is not necessary to go to a specialized store at all, there will be enough ordinary grocery. And if you have a bad muscle growth, then the problem is in training, in nutrition or in rest. But it’s not that you have a protein of the wrong company.
Protein or geyner, of course, are useful, but they are not a panacea. sports nutrition

Endomorphs and mesomorphs need a complex protein, ectomorphs are a geyner, they should be drunk after training and a couple of hours after breakfast. That’s all simple wisdom. You can, of course, combine fast proteins and slow proteins, this is the second level, so to speak. But here, too, everything is simple, fast proteins are coming in the morning, slow – before bed. However, your budget will feel the difference between one protein and two much sharper than you.

The next item is amino acids. They are needed if the garlic, only those who are preparing for the competition, well, and vegetarians, perhaps. All the rest of the meat will get everything you need and is much cheaper. Even with inflation.

This is also the glutamine that you get in sufficient quantities from any protein cocktail, therefore, there is no point in buying it separately.

But creatine, in turn, really works and is really useful. The exception is about 30% of humanity, which has so much genetically. Approximately six months after the start of training, you can begin to pay attention to it. Creatine, obtained with food, you will not be enough.

Further on the list: fat burners are unreasonably expensive, although really come across workers. Nothing better than a diet was still invented. It is better to take vitamins in pharmacies – it’s cheaper and more reliable.

Here, in fact, that’s all. Think with your head and do not enter on advertising. Everything is much simpler and depends on you, not on pills.