How does smoking affect bodybuilding?

Many today are interested in how smoking affect bodybuilding results. The answer is simple: certainly negative.If you want to constantly improve the result, you will remember about the irrelevance of nicotine addiction and strength training.

Moreover, you are such a combination of exacerbating your health, because this is a double strain for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. These are just some of the obvious problems that await everyone who combines these activities.


smoking affect

What is negative in smoking?

Tobacco contains many negative components. The most negative effects are: nicotine; Carbon monoxide; Liquid resins; urea; Ammonium nitrate, etc.

This, in fact, a kind of periodic table, is detrimental to a person, causing dependence and taking life. If we refer to medical statistics, we can state that among patients with lung cancer – 83% of smokers; Among all people who have problems with bronchial tubes – 90%; Because of nicotine dependence, 17% of patients have developed ischemic disease. And these are just a few examples of the influence of this habit on the body in inconsolable statistics.


on the edge of opportunities

Always on the edge of opportunities

So how does nicotine addiction affect bodybuilders?

Consider the main reasons that will make you think about smoking or not smoking while visiting the gym. Some believe that physical exertion levels the effect of smoking on the body of athletes. Truly this is not so. There is a reverse trend and let’s see why.

  1. Cigarettes increase the incidence of heart contractions by 30%. This is the reason for a much higher energy intake during training. In this case, the set of muscle mass is significantly slowed down.
  2. Increases blood pressure and, accordingly, doubly increases the risk of coronary artery disease.
  3. Blood vessels narrow.
  4. Restorative processes after training are significantly slowed down.
  5. The structure of the muscle tissue is destroyed.
  6. The strong negative effect of nicotine on the lungs will lead to a drop in the indices of not only strength but also endurance, since oxygen, in that case, is transported to the body cells is much more difficult.
  7. Mucosal edema, as a result of smoking, will lead to a deterioration in the depth of breathing, increasing its frequency during force loads, which is an ineffective mechanism and the result will be rapid fatigue and failure to work.
  8. Protein synthesis in the body significantly slows down, and in fact it is the protein – the basis of the muscular basement.

In addition, if you consider all the negative aspects, it is worth noting the cost of smoking itself financially. A pack of cigarettes is not cheap. This can save and buy something from the necessary equipment, equipment for bodybuilding or special sports nutrition.

nicotine addiction affect bodybuilders

Life is training

If you smoke or plan to start, and at the same time you regularly visit the gym, wanting to constantly improve the result, you risk to buy yourself a “present” such a bouquet of ailments.

Are there any positive aspects of smoking?

It turns out that everything is not so bad. There are also advantages that can be achieved with smoking:

  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can be treated with nicotine;
  • Small cancer cells are destroyed by small doses of nicotine in the body;
  • The processes associated with digestion are greatly enhanced;
  • Increase the possibility of getting rid of excess kilograms;
  • Nicotine has a positive effect on the speed of decision-making and the ability to concentrate.

But these aspects of smoking affect bodybuilding are unlikely to help athletes. Sports cures many more diseases and without damages to the body in terms of health. Sports activities in the gym can be a means of getting rid of bad habits. If the athlete is aware of what depends on the fall in his performance in training and competition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with a cigar

Arnold Schwarzenegger with a cigar


There is no trace of any compatibility between bodybuilding and cigarette addiction. Even after smoking a few cigarettes, you risk acquiring many unpleasant consequences. If you are an athlete, then in no time does not smoke. Set yourself high sports goals, and achieve them without getting under the negative impact of nicotine. Remember that the rejection of bad habits, including smoking affect bodybuilding, will make an invaluable service to your sporting health.