Training Before Jogging

"The range of motion while running much less than when walking - says Fred Kersh. - Shoulders and trunk remain almost stationary. The longer the run, the more loaded muscles of the lower back, buttock, calf, Achilles and other su hozhiliya - all muscle, called "posture muscles" that is, those that help maintain the correct position of the body, as long as.. they do not overreach and do not get sick. " Be sure to follow by stretching these muscle groups prior to training in running and after it. Also, stretch the muscle-antagonists, because you can not run fast, if the muscle group, agonist shorter and considerably harder group antagonist muscles click, which would be weaker and longer. For beginners it is suitable exercise universal workout. When you begin to run on the day -8 6.5 km, add exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscles and the anterior surface of the tibia. Daily jogging 16 kilometers or more can lead to a significant reduction in the tendons and cause excessive irritation of the spinal nerves. In such cases, we must be particularly careful when performing special exercises to stretch and the appearance of any pain to change exercise, choosing the ones that do not cause discomfort. For example, the following: standing on a straightened leg, the other to put on the table, an ironing board or a ballet bar machine. Without bending back and holding it straight in, start slowly lean forward, bending at the hips and hands touching toes. Hold the final position for a few seconds and return to starting position, pre-bent both knees, repeat, changing the position of the feet.

Before the beginning of a serious running load is necessary to prepare the heart for the upcoming work, running or jogging after going at a fast pace; jam should in the same way.

Before taken for serious jogging, you need to learn walking. Initially, therefore, most of the training time should be devoted to walking it. As fitness and endurance improve, increase the ratio of running in the general load volume, until finally the whole exercise will be carried out in the form of running. Your goal should be a continuous run for 30 minutes, which is much more important than overcoming a specific distance or showing certain result info. Even when able to run non-stop for 30 minutes, I advise you not to worry about the length of the distance surmounted or supported speed. As you gain experience, it is natural that the speed of your runs will increase, and this will increase to overcome the distance.

Do not start classes, guided data table representing the program running and walking, until then, until you can travel a distance of about 5 km in 45 minutes without much effort. If the rate offered in the table, too fast for you, at each stage spent two weeks instead of one. If it is, on the contrary, it seems to you retarded, skip the requirements for one week, as if leaping over one step. Until not stop aching muscles here, jogging up to three days a week and never - two days in a row.

After you finish each run, "trotted" for 5-10 minutes, until the breath. In no case do not valites immediately on the ground, especially in the heat. After the final jogging again perform stretching exercises, and only then you can rest.