The Muscles And Ligaments Of A Person Ready To The Big Weights

Highlight special single moment. This rule works - "5 at 8" or "5 at 5" – of course not forever. This is only the beginning. This is the first thing you can begin without hesitation and that will bring guaranteed results. And, despite the fact that this rule will allow you to build very powerful muscles and achieve a serious result, this rule works only at the first stage of training. It's only for beginners.

Because then comes the turn of creativity and search. Experienced athletes can afford to train differently. They have already formed base and this base should be polished.
It is possible for experienced athletes I ever will write a separate Handbook, but now I will briefly Express my view on how to train serious athletes.
I suggest to practice and experiment with the cycles and to accustom your body to the cycles. You need to train your body to be then weak, then strong. When preparing for a competition is very important – in time to enter at the peak of its maximum value and show the best result. Here it needs to educate skilled athlete.
Therefore, the entire annual schedule danabol ds can be, for example, divided into three-month cycles. In each such cycle, the load should gradually increase to a peak and then fall sharply. And if in the beginning of the cycle you need to plow 5 on 5, then in the middle I would advise you to move to 3 on 3, and the last third of the loop completely to work on the pyramids, where workers increase the weight on the load 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 times in the approach.
You need to clearly realize that raise the bar not muscle. Raises the bar head. Rather to say that the fear of the weight of the rod will not allow you to pick it up. And the head should be directed toward the pyramids, gradually accustom themselves to the large scales.
After all, there are many examples where weak women, in the heat of passion lifted trucks, heavy chests with valuables, concrete slabs, etc.
Even more striking examples can be seen in a psychiatric hospital, where with small dry raving old ladies can't handle a hefty hospital attendants.
All these examples indicate that the muscles and ligaments of a man ready for big weights. But the mind is not ready for them. Head and fear can not raise that much weight. And the head should be brought up.
Therefore, experienced athletes, about half of the exercises should be placed in the care of his head and getting used to big weights.
And just answer another frequently bacteriostatic water asked question. What to do if the result stood and not as it is impossible to increase another 5 kg.
For example, you could shake all lying in 100 kg in the "5 to 8". But not to shake gets 105 kg "5 to 8". What to do?
Do the just. Trying to shake 105 kg in the "5 for 5". It will, I think, without problems. Next week trying to shake the same 105кг "5 for 6". Let's happened. After another week of trying to shake the same 105 kg "5 to 7". And so until until all 5 approaches we do not 8 times.
And again I will emphasize that here in the first place is precisely your thoughts about weight. Raises, first and foremost, head. Really, the muscles are capable of much more weight. Therefore constantly working with the weight of 105 kg we accustom his head to that weight.