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The preparations of human gonadotropin

Should I apply at the end of a steroid course preparations of human gonadotropin, as recommended by most "experts"? From the point of view of physiology it would mean the prolongation of the agony and the deepening of the pit into which the athlete enters after discontinuation of steroids and gonadotropin.

The gonadotropins stimulate the production of testosterone. Recent studies have shown that in the male hypothalamic-pituitary system, producing them, does not respond to the testosterone level, and the amount of estrogen. In any event aromatize some testosterone circulating in the blood, whatever that level may be. And the higher the level of testosterone or its synthetic analogs, the more estrogen is formed and the male body, even if no clinical signs of hyperestrogenemia (gynecomastia or obesity of the female type).

In our opinion, before the end of the cycle and after its cancellation it is better to use klomifentsitrat. If used long-term high dosage, can be replaced by steroids prohormone. Moreover, the dosage of prohormones should also be reduced gradually and for a long time. In the last 3-4 weeks taking prohormones should be carried out in circadian rhythm (once in the morning) with the use of alternating regimens - a two-day dose is taken in one day, the next day is a break - thus, the drug is taken via the day. It stimulates the renewal of natural testosterone production and does not appear abrupt metabolic changes associated with the abandonment of exogenous testosterone and its synthetic analogues:

Of course, the necessary decrease in the volume of training work, better planning of the variability of training intensity, and optimal correction of the diet given the fact that the amount of nutrients that are able to assimilate the body without input of exogenous anabolic steroids is greatly reduced.

Any attempt to maintain the same volume and intensity of training are doomed to failure, and end, generally, a deep state of overtraining or injuries. Most often - both.

To this medical problem and the closely related problem of the ethical. First of all, it stems from the fact that many of the substances considered in our book, announced by the doping, and that they test athletes at major competitions held under the auspices of IOC and other sports federations who share his ideology. "Doping is not fair" - that is, the position of the IOC

As a rule, become the most scandalous results of testing for anabolic steroids, because they are most common. Testing the presence of doping of this class of performance enhancing drugs in other sports legalized a long time ago. Practice test in IFBB has about a half dozen years. It started from the moment when the leadership of the IFBB became seriously thinking about how to make bodybuilding one of the Olympic sports. The heads of the IFBB just had to fit under all bodybuilding standards such sports. So the world Championships have replaced the former competitions, "Mr. World", "Mr. Europe" and "Mr. Universe". The struggle for the exclusion of the use of stimulants listed by the IOC from bodybuilding.