Illegal Drugs

An important issue in the training of athletes is doping, as a powerful factor in increasing athletic performance and improving the performance of athletes.

For more than three decades in the high performance sport dominated by doping, which were dealt with for the First time since 1962, this problem was discussed in the Commission United Nations office on drugs. In the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico the first international competitions asia pharma have taken anti-doping measures.

However, the doping has a millennial history, which began long before in Greece were organized I modern Olympic games. Athletes used various stimulants to show good results. These were some herbs that the testes of slaughtered animals, used as food, all sorts of methods plots (psychics) and other techniques. All this was advanced in Europe from more developed at the time of performance enhancing drugs on the part of the countries - India and China, which already had a relatively well developed pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of tinctures, extracts, and other medicinal forms, is known to tens of thousands of years of nervous system stimulants and other drugs legal steroids. Then connected to this race, Babylon and Ancient Egypt, which were active hostilities with its neighbors and needed to increase the combat capability of its warriors and athletes. Europe unesda a contribution in connection with the conquests of Alexander the great and subsequently the Roman Empire.

A drug is called biologically active substance to artificially enhance sports performance and causes side effects in the body.

Doping is the use or intended use by healthy individuals of substances in any form alien to the body, or of physiological substances in amounts exceeding the normal and abnormal methods sustanon 350, with the sole purpose to achieve an artificial and dishonest way of improving the results in the competition.

Currently, the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee allocates more than 10,000 drugs in different dosage forms related to doping. In many international sports federations set records are approved only if there is a medical Protocol or conclusion of the bioassays athletes for their content of doping drugs.