Weight loss training

Summer is getting closer, so the topic of training for weight loss and fat burning is becoming more popular and relevant. Information on how to organize training for weight loss and maximum fat burning, on the Internet now a lot. But it is because of its abundance and often contradictory opinions are often lost. I want to understand what is best to help burn fat and what to choose workouts for weight loss.

Glycogen and training.

You’ve probably heard tips to run in the morning. Because at that time glycogen reserves are minimal and the body takes the energy straight from the store of fat. In fact, glycogen also happens to be different – one that is stored by the muscles for their work. And one that is in the liver for a constant blood glucose level. And even hormones for these kinds of glycogen are affected by different – to break down glycogen in the liver, you need glucagon. And for the cleavage of glycogen in the muscles you need other hormones, among which one of the most important is adrenaline.

Overnight, the body consumes glycogen from the liver, and the reserves in the muscles remain almost intact. To the body began to break down fat since the morning, he still needs to consume glycogen, and this is 30-40 minutes of physical activity. It is much more effective to engage in power exercises. And after depletion of glycogen stores in muscles, a 20-minute aerobic exercise will be performed when the body is forced to use the energy of fatty acids. Nevertheless, some stocks of amino acids will also be consumed in parallel with the splitting of fat.

Eating before and after exercises.

Some argue that the proper intake of food before training is necessary, because the body needs energy to withstand the load. Others respond that if you do not eat before training, you will split more fat during the training. To decide whether you need to eat before training for weight loss and what it is, you should understand that training is a serious stress for the body. And you decide for yourself whether you want to make this stress stronger or not to weaken it. training

When to study.

The correct answer is to train for weight loss when you want. In each time interval, pluses, for example, morning exercises gives cheerfulness for a whole day. Increases metabolism, slimming exercises in the evening help to forget about work and affairs, to relieve tension.


I can not understand why it is so firmly rooted in the minds of people that only cardio helps to burn fat. Even from the title it is clear that this is not training for weight loss. But training for the cardiovascular system. In general, during training, fats are practically not burnt.

Physical exercises really activate the process of losing weight. But not due to fat burning during training, but due to the general metabolic effect of the exercises. By the way, do not forget that endurance and strength are opposite in nature characteristics. So it is not possible to achieve a maximum of both these characteristics at the same time. You always have to look for a compromise. That is why at a young age it is advised to work on muscles and strength, postponing cardio, and in the elderly to sacrifice a little power indicators and switch to heart training.

Summarize – if you want effective training for weight loss, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • regular exercise;
  • replenishment of the body’s needs for energy and nutrients;
  • a margin of patience (rapid changes almost always affect negatively).