What does it mean to be a bodybuilder?

Studying the Internet, I often came across articles like “How do you know that you are a bodybuilder?”, Or “10 signs that you are a bodybuilder”, or “How to make purchases, if you are a bodybuilder”, etc. After that I wanted to tell what it means for me to be a bodybuilder. We read all the magazines with hundreds of training schedules and countless diet tips. We tried hundreds of names of sports nutrition. We spent hundreds of dollars on soy products, because the inflated guy from advertising self-absorbed soy milk. There are two types of bodybuilders:

  1. Those who randomly tries all the new supplements, changes programs and desperately tries to gain another kilogram.
  2. Those who seek to understand how it works, those who are smart with the mind to diet and sports nutrition and use only what is proven by science.

What category are you from? I am from the second. In my fridge is full of trays with eggs, five kilos of chicken meat, salmon, milk and veal. There are a lot of rice and oatmeal in my cups. On the closet are 8 packets of protein (three different types) and the vitamins I need. In the drying are shakers, and the coffee machine makes only the most powerful coffee. I know that bodybuilding is a very long journey. And there is only one way to reach the end – to raise as much weight as possible and eat as much as possible.


Now I will tell you what bodybuilding means to me … For me it means that I want to be the biggest creature walking on the ground – more elephant, more bulldozer, and I will not stop shoving iron and eating as much as damp until I become So big. I’d rather die than stop growing. This means that the first thing in the morning (after the toilet) I start eating. Then I take a shower, shave and drink my protein shake. If you are a bodybuilder, you have in your subconscious mind the idea that food is above all. Before girls, friends, beer, TV. FOOD FOOD MEALS.

At work, I got a separate refrigerator, and when my colleagues see what I’m eating, they do not touch me, because they know that I still will not answer anything before I finish eating. They see the veins in my arms and see the quadriceps through my blue pants. They know that when it comes to food and growth, I’m not kidding. And they also know that for me bodybuilding always comes first, and work is on the second. When I finish, I’ll go back to my workplace and I’ll tear my ass for the company, but only after I’ve had the lunch. That’s what it means to be a bodybuilder.

No compromises, no, but if. You eat, you grow, and everyone knows it. If you are a bodybuilder, then every morning when you go to work, you take a bag with a sports suit and a bag of food. You put the alarm clock at the time you need to eat, and when he calls, you eat. Do not wait for anything, do not say that you are not hungry, but take a spoon and stuff the food into your mouth.
Time of classes: you go to the hall and work on a schedule. The trick is to raise as much as in principle a person can raise. Raise, until in the eyes of everything becomes red, until you see stars above your head.

If you are not ready to raise so much, then you are not ready to be a bodybuilder. Everyone in the room must know your name. They need to know how much you squeeze from your chest, with what weight you squat and do the deadlift. They need to know which locker is in your locker room, and that if they stuff their things into your closet, you will eat them. You should know everything in the room – where is the best light, where are some pancakes and at what angle do you get to the mirrors.

Being a bodybuilder is not just going to the gym a couple of times a week. It means being strong as an ox, and knowing what a real hardcore training means. This means that you will need to wear a T-shirt size XXL and complain that they are a bit tight. No fashion pants and little cars. In your life everything will be just big and very big.

Bodybuilding is not a joke. It’s hard and it’s not for everyone. But everyone can be ordinary. Try to become someone big!