Powerlifting, Training

What is powerlifting?

I really love this sport. Most come to the hall for the sake of a beautiful figure and a pumped-up body, but I come to become bigger and stronger than I was before. For me the main thing is not the relief of muscles, but the strength and the opportunity to raise more than I raised yesterday.

When I first came to the gym, I also wanted to become a bodybuilder, I worked hard and even achieved some success. The turning point in my life was an amateur wrestling tournament, where the powerlifter took me down like I was a real child who came out against a big uncle. I realized what real strength is, I wanted to become the same. But I did not even suspect how much it would change me.

Elbow in powerlifting

It seems to me that nowhere is there such a spirit of camaraderie and feelings of elbow, as in powerlifting. I just never saw anything like this again. Skin color, age, gender, social differences – everything fades into the background when two people find out that they are doing the same thing, powerlifting. I have many friends in this sport, and I’m happy that these people are with me.

In powerlifting, anyone is ready to help you, to support, to suggest how you can become even stronger. We are as one. When I was engaged in bodybuilding, I did not feel this, everyone was engaged in his body, and the ego grew proportionately to muscles. I, of course, are very far from offending all those who are engaged in bodybuilding, I simply state the fact that I personally am much more comfortable in the framework of powerlifting. In addition, powerlifting most fully reveals how strong you can be. You understand that nothing is impossible, and it’s just an amazing feeling.

I saw with my own eyes

I saw with my own eyes a guy who crouched with a bar weighing 450 kilograms, and planning to take 500 kilos. For some reason I’m sure that he will succeed. Also, I saw with my own eyes a guy who was breastfeeding 360 kilograms. So if it seems to you that something is impossible, for a powerlifter it will be just another challenge. We do not believe that there is something impossible. When you tell me that it is impossible to take this weight, rest assured, it will not take very long and I will prove to you the opposite.

Powerlifting is pride and honor, and I am proud that I am doing it. We do not know the meaning of the word “surrender,” we always go to the end and get our way.

There is no such chain that could keep the powerlifter in place … it’s simply impossible. I believe in it. I’m now doing things I never imagined before-and that’s just an amazing feeling. I like that I can what others can not.

Only heaven can be my limit. And that’s what powerlifting is. Of course, this hell is hard, doing bodybuilding, I did not even think that there is such pain. But it seems to me that it is absolutely worth it.

Passion for powerlifters

Powerlifters are literally possessed by force. When people ask me why I go out to competitions even when the victory does not involve any substantial material rewards, I answer – is it really about money?

The whole point is to get to the point – and cross it. You know that someone is incredibly cool, they say that he is a real Hercules. But you go against it to understand what it really is made of. Competition is a chance to show oneself, your strength, so that everyone will see that you are made of iron. And even if you can not become the first, you will be respected by the strongest people in the world – powerlifters. This respect is worth everything in the world, you seem to be on Olympus, where the Greek gods themselves slap you on the shoulder and treat them with ragweed. And the most buzz in that you understand – you really deserved it.

The real power

As you have already understood, I am very proud of what I do. When people ask me why I gravitate, I reply in one word: strength. I am proud to be able to do things that units can do all over the globe. Nothing can stop me.

Yes, powerlifters can not boast such a beautiful and polished body as bodybuilders. But they do not aspire to this. The main thing is power. It’s an opportunity to feel like a real Superman. And six cubes on the stomach – this is such a trifle …